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Take The Holiday Weight Maintenance Challenge

For many of us, the holidays are a special time to celebrate and enjoy socializing with family and friends. Many of these holiday gatherings revolve heavily around food and drinks, which can make it difficult to maintain your typical diet and eating patterns. Additionally, the hectic nature of the season can create time pressures that make finding time to stay active or exercise nearly impossible.

So, instead of throwing in the towel on your typical healthy lifestyle during this time of year, resolve to make an effort to maintain your current weight over the holiday season. Unlike what is typically popularized in the media regarding weight gain during this time of year, holiday weight gain contributes to an average of 1.4 pounds of weight added per year. While this may not sound like a lot, studies have shown that often this added weight is not subsequently lost and much of this weight is gained during the six-week holiday season. One to two pounds per year can really add up over time and create a more long term weight management issue.

  • Have a healthy snack before going to holiday parties and gatherings

  • Limit high calorie beverages such as eggnog and alcohol

  • Socialize more, nibble less: talking to others can help keep you occupied and prevent mindless eating

  • Practice portion control and stop eating when you feel full

  • Schedule time daily for some type of physical activity, even if it’s brief

  • Incorporate activity, such as a walk, into or after holiday gatherings or meals

  • Get adequate sleep to feel rested and energized to tackle the season

  • Manage your stress with healthy alternatives to eating and/or drinking such as exercise or planning down time

In order to help you track your progress, download the Holiday Weight Maintenance Calendar to help you stay on track. When the new year rolls around, you will be happy that you made the effort and may even consider rewarding yourself with a healthy gift!


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