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Achieving a Healthy Weight

Changing the way you approach weight loss may help you be more successful at both losing and managing your weight in the long term. Shifting your focus to lifestyle changes that include healthy eating, monitoring your portions and being physically active for life will ensure your success.

Consider the following tips:

  • Start with a smaller goal instead of tackling the overhaul of your diet and total fitness program all at the same time. Pick one achievable goal, such as taking a 15 minute walk twice a week. Once you have had success with this goal, add another.
  • Ask for support from family and friends.
  • Eat your fruits and vegetables. Consuming high fiber fruits and vegetables can help promote weight loss and signal fullness to the body. Aim for half of your plate to be fruits and vegetables at each meal.
  • Slow down and eat without such distractions as the television, computer or phone
  • Write down everything you eat and drink for three days or longer. Many programs that support long-term weight loss include keeping a food journal. If you have never completed this exercise, logging your intake for a couple of days can be an eye opener.
  • Take the portion distortion challenge quiz to learn how food portions have changed in the last 20 years and how many minutes of exercise you will need to burn off those ginormous portions

Remember, with even a small amount of weight loss and increase in physical activity, you will reap numerous health benefits.

Take the Challenge from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

When aiming for a healthy weight, portion size matters. Take the Portion Distortion Challenge.

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