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Challenge Yourself

Focus on Your Family’s Health History: The more you know about your family's health history, the more you can do to reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Like the color of your eyes, your risk for developing many health conditions is genetically passed from one family member to another.

Diseases such as diabetes can increase your risk of stroke, heart attack and other major health problems. And if you have a blood relative with diabetes, your risk for developing it is significantly increased. Diseases can be passed along to younger generations (such as your children), but so can healthy habits that will help you and your family avoid health risks. Visit: www.americanheart.org to learn more.

Complete the family tree to learn more about your family's health history. Talk to your family members as listed on the family tree and track who lives or have lived with diabetes or associated conditions. Then, talk with your doctor or healthcare professional about what this means to you and others in your family.





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